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IT Consulting

Tekmoxie IT consulting practice provides end-to-end agile development procedures and techniques to handle critical software development needs. We have proven track record of providing long term business solutions by analyzing business requirements and developing software applications along with sustainable maintenance solutions.
Professional Services
With proven expertise in developing and implementing software applications, we are ready to take ownership of application development involving Java, Visual Basic, VB.NET, C# and Open source Technologies with Oracle Database, SQL Server or MySQL as back end.
Strategic Solution Services
Tekmoxie goal is to understand and develop the solutions for client’s business need. We offer several solutions and technology paths to our clients and do the cost benefit analysis, development cost, maintenance cost and ROI analysis. It helps clients to make appropriate strategic business decision to choose technology suite and decision related to development of software applications and products. We helps client to build world class IT infrastructure using emerging technologies.
Business Consulting
Understanding client’s business needs and mapping them into strategic business solutions to compete in globalize business environment is biggest challenge. We follow the principle of Keep-It-Simple. We offer optimal solutions that involve combination of Open Source technologies, third-party tools, keeping development life span short and ease of usage of technology solutions with low maintenance and enhancement cost. Automation of business processes, development of systems, forecasting future, contemplating usage of business models and analyzing external threats are key elements that we discuss with core management team of our client to derive efficient business solutions with usage of information technology and operation research techniques.