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Business Consulting

Tekmoxie works with our clients across every industry to develop effective technology strategies and realize the full potential of their IT investments. For achieving strategic business objectives, our business Technology aids our clients to think about technology as a powerful tool. In order to achieve this, our abilities extend beyond the typical consultancy.

We leverage our management consulting practice, business acumen, industry knowledge, and change management expertise to help our clients make the most of technology and the opportunities it brings. Always, we bring an independent point of view unfettered by third-party alliances; our interests are yours.

Business Intelligence and Data Analytics

Tekmoxie delivers data in well-designed information dashboards and portals to help our clients in gaining an advantage over their competitors. Data Analytics in multidimensional dashboards helps our clients, to realize new uses for their data and attain new strategic and tactical insights. The potential benefits of business intelligence programs include accelerating and improving decision making; optimizing internal business processes; increasing operational efficiency; driving new revenues; and gaining competitive advantages over business rivals.

Migration and Deployment

Tekmoxie Migration and Deployment services provide you a complete migration solution tailored to simplify your organization's requirements.

IT Infrastructure

Tekmoxie Infrastructure services are engineered to improve our clients’ existing IT infrastructure and help align their business objectives with IT strategies. Our experienced professionals help you build, design and remodel your data center and cloud computing, leveraging proven methodologies and technology expertise with little downtime.

Software Advisory Services

Tekmoxie Advisory service targeted at organizations looking to improve their software practices to successfully meet their business objectives by providing top solutions to their software challenges. Our services include software strategy, design, delivery, and process improvement, delivered with an understanding that, despite its technical nature, software development and maintenance is a people-centric activity.