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Business Analytics

Analyzing progressively larger dimensions of data from various sources using advanced techniques and research proves that advanced analytics can improve efficiencies in all areas of information technology and can deliver growth in functional margins. In parallel, mega investment projects around building manufacturing and fulfillment capabilities can be calibrated and fine-tuned to improve our client’s business opportunities.

Our approach is collaborative, forming a team with key leaders within the client’s organization, and developing the business strategy in five main phases.

Baseline Assessment: Together, we reiterate the organization’s mission, vision, and values, establishing a strategic context. Our strategy consultants also evaluate the current situation in terms of internal factors (financial, operational, products, customers, and supply chain), external factors (market, industry, and competition), opportunities, and threats.

Formulation: Using a variety of facilitation tools, our management consultants collaborate with the team to formulate the strategic vision, value proposition, competitive differentiation, and strategic alternatives.

Specification: Our strategy consultants now develop the strategy in more detail in terms of objectives, a three to five year road map, and key metrics.

Planning: Now the strategy must be fleshed out in terms of strategic growth initiatives along with detailed plans for each functional area. In this phase, we also build the business case and along with budgetary requests.

Execution: Carrying out the strategic plan includes assigning responsibility for each initiative, program/project management, and organizational change management.