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Application Services

Tekmoxie offers end-to-end (Analysis to Maintenance) solutions in the area of Internet technology based applications for different industries. We have a track record of meeting or exceeding Service Level Agreements with our customers. Customers find that they can reduce their software and infrastructure development and maintenance costs by one-half to two-thirds by utilizing our application development and maintenance services, with no compromise on quality.


Custom Software Application Development provides full lifecycle support, from design and architecture through development, testing, deployment and maintenance. Modern Software Architecture is driving beyond the traditional monolithic structure with ubiquitous Web Services, Rich Web Interfaces, Could Computing and Mobile Apps Development.

Tekmoxie excels in the cutting edge technologies that enable business value through development and customization of software applications.

We help organizations in two ways, by strengthening their existing in-house technical teams and introducing critical computational and advanced programming skills for particular IT projects. It helps US companies to stay globally competitive and boost US Companies Productivity.

Knowledge and Change

Tekmoxie understands the significance of knowledge and change management plans as well as associated challenges in creating and managing content to present a united message. We utilize the latest technologies for the storage and retrieval of relevant data. Some benefits of Tekmoxie’s knowledge and change management services include improved ease and accuracy of data entry, enhanced reporting capabilities, and an increase in workflow management functions.